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When the ideological minority eclipse the identity and linguistic majorities

Case of Moroccan media facing youngers

Mohamed BENDAHAN et Yassine AKHIATE

The aim issue of this text is to analyze the functioning of the reception of young Moroccans in an audiovisual context that is undergoing economic change. In the presence of a diversified offer, from various sources, with current technical means, young people could be led to a “media tinkering”, which combines several forms of reception and production. Thus, the analysis of audiovisual productions will make it possible to explore the correlations between this offer and its consumption and to identify the representation of this “young audience” category in the Moroccan media, as well as the image it has built around the different offers. Thus, the data generated by the ratings can help a better understanding of the models of consumption “profiling” audiovisual services by young Moroccans. More

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